The Best Cheese in the World

About six years ago, I was on a date strolling through the heart of Williamsburg. It wasn’t going so well; the connection was off, and I found myself brainstorming ways to end the night early. Instead, I suggested we go into the cheese shop on the corner — I figured it would be a welcome distraction to our strained conversation.

Inside were giant blocks of stinky cheese and aged salami, but what caught my eye was a crowd gathering around a glass bowl on the top of the counter. Everyone was trying this soft goat cheese that was swimming in olive oil and peppercorns. We ended up buying half a pound, along with a baguette, and taking it to the pier.

WELL this cheese ended up being the best thing I’ve ever eaten, and it also saved the date (finally we had something to talk about!).

Fast forward a few months and I had moved to Cape Cod, where I figured I would never see the cheese again (definitely not the guy, haha). And then, about a year later, there it magically appeared, at my local grocery store, a beacon of cheesy light. People here call it “crack cheese” because you can’t stop eating it. I HIGHLY recommend hunting it down and bringing it to a get together with some good bread. It’s such a crowd pleaser- creamy, slightly tangy, spreadable, and rich — kind of like a really fancy version of Boursin. I’ve served it with a tomato salad and tossed in some pasta, too. You can’t go wrong, I promise. Go find yourself some crack cheese today!!

UPDATE! It looks like Trader Joe’s is selling a version of this cheese! I haven’t tried it but it looks promising. 

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  1. yum – i could not find a list of grocers that might carry this? can you share the grocery name you located this? thank you!

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