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Last night, my boyfriend, Robin and I took the 5 o’clock ferry over to Martha’s Vineyard, where we celebrated a belated birthday dinner at the gorgeous Beach Plum Restaurant. I’d heard about the restaurant before (it was Obama approved!) but never got around to visiting, so I was thrilled to finally go. Plus, my good friend, Elana is actually working there for the summer, so I was eager to see her life in picturesque Menemsha.

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At 4:45, Robin and I met at the Steamship Authority, where we boarded the ferry and sat out on the windy deck among sleepy tourists. It immediately felt refreshing to get away from itty bitty Woods Hole, even though we weren’t going too far — there’s something about getting on a ferry that feels like vacation.

On the way to the restaurant, we made a pit stop at Beetlebung Farm, owned by the chef at Beach Plum. Most of the greens and fresh produce on the menu comes from Beetlebung, which is just about a mile down the road from the restaurant and sits on 5 acres of pretty land.

beach plum

There was a charming little shop and buckets of potatoes sitting out in the afternoon sun. It was great to actually see, first hand, where our food was going to come from.

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At the restaurant, I couldn’t stop saying “oh my god.” Nestled on a hill overlooking the water, the restaurant itself is perfect — quaint and charming and airy and light. It manages to be both stunning and relaxed, worn in and romantic.

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The atmosphere and vibe is great, too, like you’re at your friend’s summer home having a dinner party, and the staff is friendly and professional without being overbearing or jarring. I loved the wood ceiling and book shelves, and the crayons — such a sweet touch.

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We opened a bottle of wine (it’s BYOB), discussed the menu, and I doodled while we chatted and sipped.

beach plum 4

The food itself was so good that I put my camera down to enjoy it, only taking a few shots. It was right up my alley — crostini with pork fat and fried herbs, beet greens and fresh feta, potted pork with pickled carrots, bucatini with salted sea bass and crunchy bits of bread crumbs. “We have to come back,” I kept saying.

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When I think about what I love in a restaurant, Beach Plum sums it up — I felt so connected to the food and to Menemsha, to this idea of not just Farm to Table but community and resourcefulness, working with what you have and being creative. The idea is so comforting to me, I literally can’t stop thinking about this place. They have seriously nailed it, without being the least bit pretentious or showy.

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For any of you passing through Cape Cod this summer, I couldn’t recommend this place enough. Bonus: you could bump into Obama.

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