The Anatomy of a Trader Joe’s Work Lunch

The work lunch struggle is real, isn’t it? I’ve found it difficult to make lunches every week that check off all the boxes: easy to make, easy to bring, easy to eat, delicious, satisfying, not too smelly. A peanut butter and sandwich is good, but it’s not good 5 days in a row, you know? Recently, I’ve been relying on Trader Joe’s to keep me out of the lunch rut. It’s actually a great place to buy groceries specifically for lunch — they offer shortcuts like pre-cooked brown rice, they have tons of different spreads, and everything is affordable. This week, I picked up ingredients to make wraps. I figured I would share what I’m packing in my lunch box, and if you’d like, I can make this a recurring post. Let me know!

Filling Veggie Burger Wrap 

Make ahead: a pot of brown rice (or buy a box of the pre-cooked brown rice in the freezer section at TJ’S). Once the rice is cooked, add about a cup of the roasted corn with cotija cheese mixture (also found in freezer section), to heat through.

Assemble: when you’re ready to make your wrap, microwave a quinoa cowboy veggie burger just until it’s soft enough to slice in half. You could also be less lazy than me and pan fry it with some olive oil. Spoon a few tablespoons of your rice/corn mixture onto a whole-wheat tortilla, top with the quinoa burger and any veggies you like (I chose arugula, roasted peppers, and thinly sliced carrots, but you could add anything you like), then sprinkle with feta and a spread of hummus (I wouldn’t turn my nose up to spicy mayo, though). Tuck in the corners and roll it burrito-style, then wrap it securely in tin foil. Voila!

Plus, Snacks

Trail mix keeps you full (I love the “Happy Trekking” variety which includes cashews and chocolate chips). Chai tea is my favorite afternoon pick-me-up drink, and satsuma oranges are at their prime right now. Peanut butter cups are the perfect after-lunch dessert, and the Trader Joe’s k cups are not at all bad.

What have you been packing for lunch these days? What do you love at Trader Joe’s? Would love to know!

7 thoughts on “The Anatomy of a Trader Joe’s Work Lunch

  1. I swear by TJ’s cowboy burgers. We actually often eat them for breakfast with eggs.

    I often do their bagged salads with some of the refrigerated grilled chicken or beans. And their lentil and ancient grains soup in the refrigerated section is great. I divide it up for two days and add some feta.

  2. Those dark chocolate pb cups from TJ’s are no joke. Actually, i CAN’T buy them, because I will eat the whole dang box. I would probably pour them in a bowl and eat them like cereal if I could.

  3. I always need lunch ideas – keep em comin.

    I just bought my first TJ’s bagged salad and pre-roasted/seasoned chicken to add to it. Couldn’t be easier! Plus it’s healthy and cheap.

  4. I would also probably end up eating all the peanut butter cups on stressful day at work. Actually, that’s not a terrible idea and I’m already talking myself into it. But yes, thanks for this post and yes to making it a regular occurrence!

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