Sometimes, All You Need To Do Is…

…Eat a burger.

After getting sick Thursday night and surviving off of orange juice, toast, and bananas all weekend, I’m thrilled to treat myself to a big, fat cheeseburger tonight. Doesn’t just looking at this photo make you feel better?


In the summertime (lol, summer), there’s a little ice cream/burger joint in town right across from the ferry, and you can get a greasy, double decker burger for six bucks. I always request extra pickles and eat it on the dock — it’s the kind of burger that you eat without a plate, after a long day in the sun.

Of course, that place isn’t open yet, but I’ll still be sinking my teeth into a cheeseburger in a few hours, and clearly I’m so excited about it, I thought it was worthy of a blog post. : )

Top image found on Only We Forever, bottom by Cookbooks365, photographer is David Loftus.

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