My Lunch Until The Last Day of Tomato Season

My favorite summer lunch is an open faced tomato sandwich, and while tomatoes are still in season, I’ve been eating one every day. This isn’t really a recipe, but a reminder that if you like tomatoes, then you’ll probably like a tomato sandwich.

Here’s how I make mine: While I toast some bread (baguette or ciabatta are my favorite for this), I slice up a tomato and wash a handful of basil leaves. Once my bread is toasted, I smear it with some mayo (which I love, and which you can omit), then layer the basil leaves, then the tomato slices, and finish with a drizzle of olive oil, grind of black pepper and some coarse salt.

Holler if you’re with me on this one (I know my dad is)!

16 thoughts on “My Lunch Until The Last Day of Tomato Season

  1. Down south we call these “kitchen sink sandwiches”. Because they’re good and sloppy and you eat them standing over the sink!

  2. This is my go-to summer lunch! The secret is to slice the right-out-of-the-backyard-garden tomato nice and thick, and ground the entire sandwich with good, hearty bread.

  3. I love these! Sometimes I add so sliced avocado and a few alfalfa sprouts, along with some homemade cream cheese! Yum!!

  4. This is my dinner when eating alone…I stop by the grand central market and buy a ridiculously overpriced heirloom tomato…some good bread, and I know I am in for total deliciousness … it!

    Btw, love the website….and a cup of jo…which pointed me here…

  5. That sounds like my favorite lunch in Spain, except in my case it was fresh bread, an overripe tomato, olive oil, and some salt and pepper. Deliciousness!

    I might have to try this for my lunch tomorrow…

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