My Favorite Cooking Tips and Kitchen Hacks

One of the reasons why I love cooking so much is because you’re always learning something new. You acquire new tricks, new techniques, and the good ones stick (I use these over and over and over again). I’ll pass them on to my kids one day, and they’ll pass them on too, but for now — no kids, so you get them first…

1. Mayonnaise in replacement of butter on your grilled cheese. Gabrielle Hamilton of Blood, Bones & Butter also swears by it!

2. Parmesan rinds in soups, stews, and broths — or as Melissa Clark calls it, “nose-to-tail eating for the cheese-loving set.” I tried this recently and I’m never going back (I highly recommend making that soup. It’s delicious).

3. Storing milk in the back of the fridge. This is definitely a finicky mom tip, but it works. My milk always seems to last at least few days longer now because of it. Something about it being colder back there, and less drafty.


4. Keeping a matchstick in your mouth while you chop onions to prevent a sob party.

5. Using a fork in a lemon half to squeeze all the juice out.

6. Using an egg shell to get out…a piece of egg shell. THIS tip saved my life since I can’t seem to crack an egg without residual egg shell debris! (any tips on that would be greatly appreciated).

3 chairs - pasta - may 2014-344

8. Turning stale bread heels into breadcrumbs. I literally just throw them into the blender and pulse until they’re the consistency I’m looking for. I use them right away, or stash them in the freezer.

9. Freezing tomato sauce in ice cube trays. So convenient. Plus, it defrosts faster.


10. Sautéing your pasta dish in the last step, right before it hits the table. Just end the pasta cooking two minutes early, and transfer the pasta directly to the skillet or pot that’s holding the sauce. Turn the heat up, throw in a bunch of parmesan and maybe a little butter, and toss until the sauce adheres to the noodles, about one minute.

11. Melting the cheese on your cheeseburger by adding a splash of water to the skillet and quickly covering, a minute before the burgers are ready. The steam melts the cheese in seconds. (I take all my burger tips from Bobby Flay.)

12. Maldon flaked sea salt. On sweets, on dinner, on pretty much everything. There’s something so satisfying about the texture.


Photos of pasta and me by Dee Sullivan, onion photo by Ryan Dausch

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Cooking Tips and Kitchen Hacks

  1. I love number 4 LOL. I need this. I’ve read somewhere that salt nearby will help but I find it ineffective. I must try the matchstick trick. I also use my blender all the time when cooking. From bread crumbs to peanuts, blenders can do wonder with them with just a push of a button 🙂 Great job!

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