Local Treasure: Found Bread

If you’ve stopped by the farmer’s market in Falmouth on Thursdays, then you may have already picked up one of Sarah’s country boules from her small batch bakery, Found Bread.

It’s become a legend in town because truly good bread is hard to come by here, and because, well, nothing is better than homemade bread smeared with butter and paired with a tall glass of wine.

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So, the other Wednesday, I went over to Sarah’s to hang out in her certified kitchen while she kneaded and baked fifty four loaves of bread, three loaves at a time. As the just-out-of-the-oven boules cooled on the counter, I snapped some photos and we chatted (and ate some bread, naturally).

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Sarah started Found Bread last fall, where she started selling her loaves at Falmouth Wine & Spirits every Friday. They went like hot cakes — and I remember my friends raving about “Sarah’s bread.” Now she takes two days off a week to bake and sell her country boules, popovers and parbaked pizza crust at the farmer’s market.

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Sarah’s bread formula comes from a combination of picking up tips from cookbooks, working with various bakers, experimenting, and a gig at the San Francisco Baking Institute. The starter smells amazing (it reminds me of the top of a baby’s head), and so does the gruyere and cracked black pepper loaf. Her dream is to one day open a bakery/cafe that serves good bread, a couple of baked goods, a few cocktails and quiche — although right now, her focus is on Found Bread.

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Baking fifty four loaves of bread in a standard oven is no easy feat — as we talked, Sarah would periodically jot something down in a notebook to keep track of which batch she was on, or feed the starter, which apparently isn’t too different from a pet.

It’s the starter that makes the bread have so much depth in flavor, and a part of baking that I’m not as familiar with. (Did you know it’s just flour and water?!) It’s alive — and would bubble and move as Sarah dipped her hands into it.

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To cool off, we drank iced coffee while the temperature in the kitchen rose to nearly 95 degrees.

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The bread itself is everything you’d want in a homemade loaf, with a chewy, elastic, and moist crumb, and a beautifully caramelized, crispy crust.

Pick up one of Sarah’s loaves from 12-6 at the farmer’s market on Main Street in Falmouth — get there by 12:30 if you want one of the gruyere and black pepper boules because they sell out fast!

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