Let’s Talk Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is coming up, you guys! Can you believe it? This year, we’re hosting a big family dinner on the Cape. I’m so excited to see everyone, especially my grandmother, Barbara. It’ll be really nice to be back in Woods Hole, too, which is crisp and quiet this time of year, perfect for walks through the woods and afternoons parked in front of a crackling fire (after a busy fall in the city, I will really soak it in!).

I’m also feeling excited about the menu! I like to veer away from tradition and get a little creative — do you?


For appetizers, this spicy molten blue cheese dip seems like it would be a big hit with some crostini. Along with the staples like turkey, a baked ham, stuffing and cranberry sauce, I’m thinking scalloped potatoes with caramelized onions; I’ve made that exact recipe before and it’s dynamite. And because homemade bread is always better, I’m still debating between pull apart dinner rolls or an asiago garlic loaf. We’re having family members bring dessert, but I’d also like to bust out my ice cream maker and make a batch of coffee ice cream, for no particular reason other than HOMEMADE ICE CREAM! (This recipe doesn’t require a machine!). Also, writing this all out, I see a theme of heavy cream and cheese. But that’s what Thanksgiving is for, right?


I think we’ll keep drinks fairly simple with both red and chilled white wine, plus beer and maybe hard cider and whiskey as an after-dinner sipper. In the words of the New York Times, “If the food is good and the company convivial, you can’t go wrong with the wine. If the food is bad and the company annoying, wine can only help.” I’m also all ears (eyes) if someone knows a great, seasonal, not-too-sweet punch for a crowd.

Table Setting

I just wanted to add this because Target has a really cute line out with some cute, affordable dinnerware, vases, etc (#notsponsored). I like this vase, these plates, this pie server, these napkins.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Do you have go-to recipes you return to every year? Would love to hear!

P.S. Might need to order this sweater (in the taupe color) for Thanksgiving dinner. Isn’t it cute, not too stuffy, not too casual, and comfy looking?

P.P.S This Friendsgiving spread is #goals.

Top photo by Kristen Wieder, second photo via Food52, bottom via Target. 

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