July 4th in Woods Hole

This past weekend, I surprised myself by being completely and totally irritated by all the summer people. I tried hard not to be, especially since I was one myself up until very recently, but it secretly felt really good to scoff at the visor-wearing-tourists taking photos of the sloppy graffiti under the draw bridge (“summer people, some are not.”)

The energy here nowadays keeps reminding me of something — and I finally placed it yesterday: it’s like the first day of college freshman year. Everyone is running around sniffing each other’s butts, and they’re too excited and anxious and free to stop moving, even if they wanted to, even if they’re completely exhausted.

It’s been especially entertaining and shocking to see the kids that I once babysat or taught swimming to slink around town as new teenagers. They all have that same look in their eyes, like they’re up to no good and everyone is watching. 

I ended up having a ton of fun and taking lots of photos with my new camera, so I thought I’d share a few…

4th 3

On the 4th, everyone hung around (barefoot), drank beer, and waited for Hurricane Arthur.

4th 1

Robin made chicken, and it was devoured within minutes. He has this clever trick of cooking the chicken with sauce in a skillet before putting it on the grill, so the skin doesn’t immediately burn off — and it ends up being the best fucking chicken.


4th 5


4th 2

Once the sun came out, I took Juniper to the golf course, where we (surprisingly) had the place to ourselves to roam the hills and look for abandoned golf balls.

4th 9

4th 6

Summer has officially kicked off on the Cape. I’m trying to remember to put sunscreen on my hands and to jump in the water whenever I’m in the slightest of bad moods.

4th 7

This only worries me a tiny bit.

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