Insomniac Snacker: Butter Anchovy Toast

Every other week, The Insomniac Snacker (my first contributor, woo!) will be sharing her favorite midnight recipes. I can’t wait! Pull up a chair, IS, good to have you! 

I love anchovies. Anchovies are a reason to live, or at least to eat something tasty, in the wee hours. As an insomniac snacker, I often crave something salty and fatty, and anchovies always hit the spot. This snack is inspired by a mood altering dish I had at Maialino in NYC, spaghetti bathed gently in an anchovy butter sauce. It is the essence of plain — nothing but a pile of silky noodles in a puddle of sauce the exact same color, no garnish, not even a sprinkle of pepper.  It defies anyone to eat it without saying “OMG!” repeatedly.

This snack is less sophisticated, but still satisfying. You can use whatever type of bread you like, of course, but flatbread (those pitas without pockets, NOT “wraps” — shudder) toasts up nicely, a little crispy on the top but with a pillowy soft interior that is just right for the butter anchovy combination. I used the “personal” size just because they’re cute and easier to hold in one hand, but you may want to go for the bigger size.


Butter Anchovy Toast 

Anchovy fillet

Spread butter on the top of your flatbread. Mash the anchovy on top of that and spread it around. The amount of both ingredients is to your taste. Slide into toaster and toast until golden and sizzling on top. Crank up the Netflix and enjoy!

Thanks, Insomniac Snacker! Will make this pronto. 

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