I Tried Blue Apron

I might be the last person on the planet to try out the subscription service, Blue Apron. But I’ve always been curious what the buzz (both positive and negative) was about. So I waited for one of their promotions and ordered a week of meals. Before I continue I just want to say: these thoughts are entirely my own and this post wasn’t sponsored. Okay! Let’s jump in.

The Rundown: It’s pretty exciting to get a mystery box full of food and the promise of delicious dinners. Everything comes in an insulated box with frozen gel packs, and the perfectly portioned out tiny containers of horseradish sauce and slivered almonds are both adorable and wasteful. It’s worth noting: you’re left with a lot of garbage — most of it recyclable, but some of it not.


The Process: I don’t know why this was a surprise for me but…(spoiler alert!) you’re still cooking everything. The only steps you’re really skipping are the meal planning and grocery shopping. Some of the ingredients are already measured out, but you still have to do a good amount of prep (chopping garlic, stirring together a sauce, washing greens, etc), plus the rest of the cooking. I was surprised to see that all three meals were pretty involved and labor intensive — with many steps (I counted 22 for one of them) and multiple pots and pans used. I got one meal out in a swift 20 minutes, but the other two took over 45.

Impression: Out of the three meals I tried, I thought one was really, standout good (fish with buttery leeks and a creamy horseradish sauce), and the other two were tasty but not mind-blowing. I loved the opportunity to try out some new spices and flavors, and I definitely got some inspiration for future dinners. Also — the instructions were super clear and the produce was fresh.

Final Thoughts: I think Blue Apron would be a great fit for anyone who wants to eat tasty dinners during the week but a) doesn’t enjoy the process of meal planning and grocery shopping (or just wants to eliminate those steps) and b) has the energy at the end of the day to tackle the recipes. That one’s important — after cooking two of the meals, I waited until the weekend to cook the third because the 22-step recipe was daunting after a bad day. Luckily, the food seems to keep pretty well.

One last thing. Let’s say you have the habit of accidentally skipping lunch, like I sometimes do, or if you’re team Everyone Gets Seconds, then this is NOT ENOUGH FOOD. I didn’t have an ounce of leftovers from any of the meals, and that was sort of a bummer.

So while I won’t be continuing with the service, I’ll definitely be cooking more Blue Apron meals, since every single recipe is included on their website (I have this this and this bookmarked). Also, while it is one of the more affordable meal services, it was on the higher end of my budget.

Have you tried Blue Apron? What were your thoughts? 

4 thoughts on “I Tried Blue Apron

  1. I had no idea blue apron had their recipes online. Score!

    I haven’t used the service, but using it for inspiration seems like a great idea. The trial run seems fun, but like you, I don’t see myself getting a subscription. I think it comes down to it not being a priority in my budget.

    Something I’ve always meant to ask you: do you have any method for organizing recipes online? Or do you literally just bookmark everything and check it? xo

    • I really like the app Paprika for keeping online recipes–it’s not free, but I use it almost every day!

      When I did a Blue Apron trial, it was SO clear it was not for me. I like grocery shopping, I like my bulk pantry staples, and it felt like cooking in a dollhouse.

  2. I tried blue apron. I got way more food in one recipe than I could eat and am not wild about leftovers. I liked trying something new but it took a lot of time to prepare. I don’t know why they can’t come out with a one person meal plan

  3. Thanks for this review. I’ve been curious about Blue Apron but something kept telling me “meh, eh, nah.” I can’t believe they post their recipies online. Two my favorite recipes lately though I got from you! The anchovy paste/brocolli “Alex’s pasta” and the creamy pasta with sausage and spinach. I literally make both of them twice a month. You have such good, simple food posts. Keep ’em coming.

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