How to Throw the Best Hot Dog Party

Kevin was after my own heart when he threw a hot dog party for my birthday at the beginning of summer, knowing nothing makes me happier than a good hot dog, grilled over a charcoal fire (plus friends! And beach! And drinks!).


But, I’m not just here to share photos. I’m here with some very important information…Insider information…


On how to make the world’s best hot dogs.


Because it is an art.

You may think I’m joking, but I’m not!

There are two secrets. The first is Pearl. Pearl hot dogs are a brand, and you can usually find them behind the deli counter of any grocery store (see the wrapper in the upper left hand corner of that photo). They’re ginormous and juicy, and when cooked, develop this awesome crackly exterior. They are the only hot dogs Kevin will buy, and he’s not a picky guy.


The second is French’s fried onions (chillin’ next to the mustard in the photo above). Fried onions are usually in a completely random section of the grocery store — I’ve found them in both the condiment aisle and next to the croutons. Either way, they’re out there, and they take your hot dog from a level 10 to a level wow (I first discovered this little trick while studying abroad in Denmark, since they have these amazing gourmet hot dog carts. The classic Danish hot dog is topped with both crispy fried onions and raw onions, and believe me when I tell you it is gold).

IMG_8495 (1)

With those two secrets in your back pocket, you can head into the world knowing your hot dog parties will be the absolute best. Also! Moscow Mules are a great drink to serve at a hot dog shindig because they’re unfussy and easy to throw together. Just slice a few limes ahead of time and stash the wedges in a ziplock baggie.



Puppies optional but recommended : ).

Top photo via Street Cuisine

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  1. Hey Joy! Love the post…. Whatever happened to those chicks you had gotten? It was a while back, y might have posted an update and I missed it… Just wondering how it went!!

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