Home Sweet Home.

A few years ago, my family stopped buying Christmas trees. So now we do this instead…

IMG_5516 IMG_5526

The cactus lives on my mom’s dresser and seems to grows a foot every year, but for Christmas we bring it to the front and decorate it with our favorite ornaments (my favorite: the teeny tiny cat sitting on a pillow raising it’s paw like “haay.” My dad’s favorite: the popsicle stick and glitter Star of David, naturally).



For dinner, my dad made Chinese style duck, which is amazingly fatty and sweet and fragrant with star anise and orange peel. For dessert, I made Amanda Hesser’s almond cake — so good, and the kind of cake that tastes even better a few days later.


The last time I was in NYC, I ran around and tried to see and do and eat as much as humanly possible. This time was different. I kind of bummed at home in my pjs like a sixteen year old on high school vacation. And then I took walks in Riverside Park, stocked up at my local asian market, and had the total pleasure of experiencing New York City parking for the first time in my life.

Also, I saw Whiplash, which I have decided is the best movie I’ve seen in years.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday. I’ll be posting this week so stop by and say hi. It’s good to be back!

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