Holiday Party!

Kevin and I threw a holiday-meets-housewarming party on Wednesday, and I remembered to take photos (yay blogging) if you’d like to see…

The idea of serving dinner and dessert to 15+ people mid-week was daunting, but I wanted it to be fancier than pizza and beer. We decided on filling appetizers like cheese, bread, dips, and meat, plus drinks — in the name of this boozy concoction, which was the insaaaanely tasty (and strong, whew).


There’s always a panicky minute or two before a party starts where I convince myself that no one is going to show up. I-HAVE-NO-FRIENDS-THE-CHEESEBOARD-IS-LAUGHING-AT-ME type mini meltdown. Do you do that?

One thing that made clean up easier: we used small paper plates, plastic cups, and disposable forks. Also, Kevin and I divvied up the cooking — he did the cheese plate and the meat, while I made the cocktail and dips. Candles, flowers, and an Otis Redding station pulled the whole thing together and made it feel very official. We also told guests to bring a simple appetizer if they wanted, or some booze.

What a fun night. Bonus points to Flanery, who brought fresh scallops, then fried them on the spot.

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  1. All of this looks amazing! Dying to try out that cocktail recipe. (Ironically I found this blog through A Cup Of Jo. Isn’t she the

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