My Favorite Dishes to Bring to a Dinner Party

With the weather warming up, it’s finally potluck/picnic season, and I’m excited to whip out some of my go-to recipes. One tip: have them bookmarked, so they’re easy to access! Here are 7 recipes I love…

Pimento Cheese. My friends are laughing right now because I ALWAYS bring pimento cheese to gatherings (maybe too much, ha). It’s just SO DAMN GOOD and easy to whip up and everyone seems to love it. Grab a box of Ritz on your way to the party — it’s the only cracker that does this dip justice.

The Easiest Artichoke Dip. Another crowd pleaser — artichoke dip is always first to get gobbled up, especially if it’s warm. I always base mine off of the ever-trusting 3 ingredient version (a can of artichokes, parm and mayo) and throw in add-ins, like Bon Appétit does here.

Pico de Gallo. With tomatoes starting to taste a little better (and the promise of delicious ones around the corner), this 5 ingredient recipe is a great stand-by. Grab a bag of restaurant style tortilla chips on your way.

Roasted Radishes with Kalamata Dressing. For when you’re asked to make a salad, bring this instead. Bonus: this dish is amazing when the radishes are still warm out of the oven, when they’re room temperature a few hours later, or when they’re cold from the fridge the next day. I discovered this recipe from the Small Victories cookbook, but you can find it here.

Coconut Curry Lentil Soup. This is the dish to bring to the party you know vegetarians will be attending. There are many variations online, but I like this one, which has a wonderful warmth and plenty of flavor.

Chocolate Covered Figs with Sea Salt. Decadent, easy to put together, and SO delicious. Perfect to top off your meal, alongside a glass of red wine. People always go nuts for these.

And if all else fails, everyone on the planet loves garlic bread.

What’s your go-to picnic or potluck dish? I’d love to hear!


Bottom image by Regina Yunghans

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