Avocado Toast, 6 Ways

This week has been weird. I can’t quite place why, other than the fact that I just feel weird, and I keep making typos. I’m looking forward to this weekend, and shaking off the weirdness. Who’s with me?!

We all know that avocado toast is clearly a thing. People are obsessed with this stuff. Although food hype generally makes me anxious (ahem, KALE), avocado toast doesn’t rub me the wrong way. I really like avocados, and I really like toast.

I make it the same each time — it’s not totally bare bones but there’s no himalayan sea salt, either. Just good bread, toasted, and super ripe avocado mashed with a little lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and chopped scallions.

And here are some variations from around the web…

Try it with feta and mint, on Food52.

or Grilled and spicy, on Bon Appetit.

BLT style, with a fried egg, bacon, and tomato, on Baker Bettie.

With lime and turkey, on BBC.

Or mashed with goat cheese and Tabasco, on Saveur

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