An Incredibly Easy and Weirdly Delicious Appetizer

I find appetizers tricky — if I’ve invited friends over for dinner, then I’ve planned a main course, maybe a side or two, and definitely a dessert (OBVI) — so by the time I’m winding down at the grocery store, I’m usually itching to go. I’ll grab some hummus or some soft cheese and crackers and call it a day. But…

I’ve noticed something: when people arrive and there’s nothing for them to do, they get antsy and uncomfortable. Appetizers give them a job, and everyone likes finger food, especially with a  glass of wine.

Gabrielle Hamilton’s triscuits with sardines and mustard is the answer to all your appetizer angst. It’s one of those things that sounds so random (and if I’m honest, a little unappealing), but trust me when I say it’s absurdly good. It doesn’t require any cooking, and the parsley makes it look pretty and official. My one piece of advice is to get your hands on good sardines in olive oil. And in terms of the Triscuits — I’ve experimented with several flavors, but the hint of salt and the cracked black pepper ones are still my favorites.

And here it is from the cookbook, with Gabrielle’s no-nonsense notes:


So good! I’ll admit — I have this for lunch regularly : )

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