A Winter Dinner Party Idea

Now that we’re in the thick of winter, it’s easy to hibernate and rain check dinner parties to another night — the night I’m not in my pjs by 5:30pm (it never happens). I am the sleepiest, crankiest winter hermit, and I end up going days without socializing. IT’S NOT GOOD.

So, I started brainstorming ideas the other night and came up with this: a weekly Sunday evening get together, complete with a cozy crockpot dinner. Everyone would bring their own bowls and favorite hot sauce, and I’d throw something in the crockpot that morning. Around 5pm, people could trickle in, serve themselves chili and get situated on the couch. PJs would obviously be welcome, and maybe we could play a game. At the end of the night (which would be by 9, because…let’s be real), everyone would rinse their own bowl and take them home — thereby eliminating at least an HOUR OF DISHES!!!

What do you think? I even bought a crockpot cookbook (recommended by my friend) so I could branch out of my chili rut. The ramen looks amazing, doesn’t it? There’s also a coconut curry that would be great spooned over some warm rice. I can share these recipes if they turn out good! What are you doing to stay active and social in the winter? I’ll gladly take any tips you have! XO


Top image via William Sonoma, bottom via HORNGRY

3 thoughts on “A Winter Dinner Party Idea

  1. During the wintertime we host a small group of friends for a soup and cookie party. Each couple brings a crock pot of soup along with their favorite coffee mug to eat it out of. They also bring a couple dozen homemade cookies and we enjoy sampling different soups, and cookies. Such a fun night with friends!

  2. I found a great article by Harvard School of Public health addressing just this- how to stay active and healthy and not just hibernate (full disclosure- I’m writing this in my pjs). Their recommendations include doing a soup swap, streaming exercise videos, drinking tea, and reading inspirational books. I’ve been forcing myself to schedule group events with friends, but from my own home- Documentary nights, foreign film nights, clothing swaps. There is a lot of tea and minimal preparation involved. I’ve also been trying to incorporate friends into my New Years resolutions, such as having a friend teach me about baking sour dough bread instead of reading online blogs and watching YouTube videos.

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