A Week of Dinners

Back for a third installment of “A Week of Dinners!” (and thank you for all the positive feedback!). I’ve been on a “grain bowl” kick lately with the rest of the blogging world because it’s so versatile, convenient, and great for lunch leftovers, so be prepared for plenty of throw-together bowl dinners in this series.

Grocery Store

Sweet potatoes, asparagus, broccoli, a few lemons and limes, rotisserie chicken, a bag of cooked frozen shrimp. Also strawberries, because they’re starting to taste good again!


Miso Bowl with Black Rice, Broccoli, and Sweet Potato. This recipe comes straight from Smitten Kitchen, and although I was at first slightly skeptical of a vegetarian grain bowl for dinner, turns out the combination of flavors is killer, and it’s a surprisingly filling as a meal. I make a double batch of the dressing because it’s very, very good.

Shrimp Rolls. When my family was visiting last weekend, I made shrimp rolls one night for dinner. They’re easy to make, and a true crowd pleaser. Save yourself an extra step and buy pre-cooked shrimp. Celery salt is my secret ingredient!

Pasta with Asparagus, Walnuts and Lemon. This pasta dish surprised me — I was a little skeptical of the extra puréeing step, but it’s well worth it. I added a pat of butter and the juice from half a lemon to the asparagus mixture, right before tossing in the hot pasta.

Mexican Quinoa Salad with Chicken. Another bowl dinner! I cooked some quinoa in chicken stock (a trick for more flavorful quinoa), made a tasty corn salad (using frozen corn instead), shredded a rotisserie chicken, and threw the whole thing together with this dressing (so good).

Top photo of Kevin at the dinner table. 

4 thoughts on “A Week of Dinners

  1. Going to try these shrimp rolls this weekend–thank you! I’ve been on a grain bowl kick as well! I’ve been doing a similar Mexican salad bowl with a base of kale + quinoa and can’t get enough! I think I had it for lunch every day this week!

    • I hope you like the shrimp rolls! Grain bowls are so good for lunches — the best part is once you get sick of doing one flavor profile (like Mexican), you can switch to another. This week it’s Thai inspired!

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