A Week of Dinners

Back for a second installment of ‘A Week of Dinners’ where I share my quick weeknight meals, favorite recipes, and a peek at my shopping list. Let’s get to it…

Grocery Store

At the store, I picked up some of the regulars (see my list here), plus a cucumber, a bag of frozen, uncooked shrimp, some whole wheat pasta, ground pork, frozen peas, and some thick cut black forest ham.


Gingery Pork with Cucumbers. There was a little bit of cuisine confusion in this dinner, after all, pitas=Greek, but gingery pork=Asian. I decided to go with it and I’m glad I did; it was SO EASY and and tasty and took no more than 15 minutes. I added a clove of garlic along with the ginger (you know me) and warmed the pitas up right before serving. This would also work equally well with ground chicken or turkey, which I might try next time. I also think you could swap out the pitas for soft rolls, like an “Asian Sloppy Jo.” If that’s not a thing, let’s make it one.

Kale Pesto with Whole Wheat Linguine and Shrimp. At a recent dinner party, my friend put out a bowl of kale pesto for dipping bread in, and it was so good that I had to whip up a batch. She used sunflower seeds which were delicious — I used toasted pine nuts since I happened to have some (TRADER JOE’S IS YOUR GUY). The best part? Unlike basil pesto, where you end up with 1/2 cup at best, using a whole bunch of kale leaves you with a lottttt of tasty pesto. I eyeballed my recipe but this looks very similar (skip blanching, use whatever nuts you have!). For the shrimp, I defrosted them in a bowl with ice cold water, then cooked them in a pan with olive oil, garlic, white wine, and a little butter.

Red Curry Sauce over Veggies and Rice Noodles. Have you browsed Pinch of Yum yet? She has some great recipes, so I knew we would be in for something tasty with this Thai dinner. I followed the recipe exactly, and poured the sauce on top of a bed of rice noodles and veggies I had in the fridge. I’ll be making that sauce again and again and again.

Tortellini with Peas and Ham. This dinner is basically like one big hug. I use half and half instead of heavy cream since it’s usually what I have in the fridge, and I cut the amount of butter to 1 tablespoon. Don’t worry, it’s still very rich and creamy and comforting. We usually scarf it down in minutes, and I’ll make a simple green salad to go along with it — I’ve been loving the combination of capers, parsley, and radishes.


I love writing these so I might make this a regular thing — yay or nay?

8 thoughts on “A Week of Dinners

  1. Definitely yay! I like seeing a set of varied, interesting recipes to cook that are still doable for weeknights. I’ve also made a number of things you’ve posted (for example mark bittman’s salmon burgers, smitten kitchen’s puttanesca). You have some great cooking ideas that keep me inspired!

    Also, I am crazy about capers and always have them on hand, but for some reason I don’t think to throw them in salads. I will now, though! That little salad looks so good.

    • OH yeah bittman’s salmon burgers are so good!!! That reminds me that I should make them again soon:) My inspiration for capers in salad comes from this classic ottolenghi recipe which I discovered a few years ago. I’ve never turned back!!! http://www.ottolenghi.co.uk/lettuce-salad-shop

      We sound like kindred spirits with our caper obsession!! So many people are turned off to them…meanwhile, I’m piling them on top of my egg salad 🙂 XO

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