A Trick for Making the World’s Best Penne Alla Vodka

Oh my god. Here’s something you’re going to want to bookmark.

Last night, I opened my fridge and what stared back at me was bleak: a lone cucumber, some leftover rice, a jar of half-eaten salsa (that’s not what you should bookmark. Keep reading). I drummed my fingers and ate some potato chips until the epiphany struck: penne alla vodka. I did a quick ingredient check (pasta, tomato sauce, vodka), and realized that the only thing I was missing was cream. A critical ingredient, right? Well, I had sour cream, and sour cream I used. A big dollop, right at the end.

So, I am here to report that yes you should put sour cream in your alla vodka sauce (I forgot to say! Italians, please look away!). Not only should you add it if it’s the only thing you have but you should go so far as to seek out sour cream the next time you want to make it — it’s that delicious. I think it has something to do with the tanginess of the sour cream offsetting the sweetness in the tomatoes, but whatever it is, I don’t care — it’s just gold. End of story.

For those who are wondering: I sautéed some onion in a little butter until softened, added a generous glug of vodka, let that reduce, then added some trusty Rao’s. The sour cream went right at the end, and I turned the heat off once the sauce was heated through.

Image by Landon Nordeman via Saveur

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