A Simple Smoothie to Remember Forever

This past weekend, I had the best smoothie at a coffee shop near Kevin’s house — strawberry, banana, peanut butter, and milk. Nothing revolutionary, but it’s filling, delicious, and TASTES LIKE A PB&J. I’ve made it three times since, and I don’t plan on stopping.

One tip for tasty smoothies: I’ve noticed that most coffee shops use frozen fruit instead of ice cubes for their smoothies, which creates that same frothy, cold affect, without the iciness. I’ve been using frozen bananas, frozen fresh strawberries, lots of chunky peanut butter (I love biting down on the little bits of crushed peanuts, but smooth peanut butter would also be great), and almond milk. Mmm. SO GOOD.

3 thoughts on “A Simple Smoothie to Remember Forever

  1. Adding medjool dates to my smoothies has been life changing haha, but the downside is my blender only manages to cut it into chunks 😛

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