A Guide to Eating and Drinking in Woods Hole

Have you ever been to Woods Hole? Now that it’s officially summer mayhem here, I thought I might share a little food guide for anyone who has some Cape Cod bound trips in their near future.

If you’ve visited, maybe you remember the little candy shop on the corner, or the goofy graffiti under the draw-bridge. And if you were catching a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, you might only remember the line at the steamship authority or a forgettable bowl of clam chowder.

Even so, Woods Hole is a great little town, and it’s worth exploring! Below, I’ve rounded up my favorites spots closest to the ferry so that you may ease your hanger level before the final leg of your journey (and if you’re sticking around, even better!). Let’s get started…

Pie in the Sky for a coffee and a snack

If you could close your eyes and envision a “charming, crunchy coffee shop in New England”, Pie in the Sky would be it. The coffee is organic and roasted locally every night, and their bread pudding is boozy. Sit outside in the shade, or if it’s too crowded, take your snack across the street to the lawn.

Whatever you do, make sure to get their signature popovers. They make them all day long, so keep your eye out for ones fresh out of the oven. They’re good on their own with butter and strawberry jam, but I also love getting them resurrected as a breakfast sandwich, with egg and cheddar cheese.


Bonus: On the weekends you can try a local oyster from Washburn Islands.



Landfall for a strong drink

If you’re in need of a strong drink, go to the Landfall. They make all of their summer cocktails with fresh squeezed citrus. My go-to is an Italian Greyhound — vodka, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, and campari. Sit at the beach-y bar and listen for conversations between sailors, or have your drink on the back dock with your toes in the water.


The Market for a sandwich

The closest thing to a convenient store, you can grab tylenol or a carton of eggs…or a huge deli sandwich.

P.S. Random but important: check the refrigerator section for Thatcher Farm’s chocolate milk. It is INSANELY good.


Quicks Hole for dinner

This spot is prime (literally a minute from the ferry) and has an inviting, low key vibe — on Friday nights a local band plays outside and people gather around to drink sangria and chow down on tacos…

And you can watch the sunset over the ocean.

My favorite: the beer battered fried cod and the baja shrimp (in both taco and burrito bowl form). Make sure to snag some of the hot picked carrots, which are tucked into the salsa line and will tide you over while you wait for your food.


Jimmy’s for a fast burger

Your best bet for a quick tasty bite, Jimmy’s burgers hit the spot when you just need something fast and greasy and in your hands in minutes.

Bonus: it’s pretty much directly across from the ferry, and there’s ICE CREAM. Try the campfire s’mores flavor and thank me later.


Barking Claw for the best lobster roll


This is the one place that isn’t in the Woods Hole village, but if you’re coming from or to the bridge you will pass it (put “Grumpy’s Pub” into google maps and it’s right in the front of the parking lot). I wrote about it in this post and it is, hands down, the best lobster roll in town. See hours here.


What do you think, guys? Have you ever been to Woods Hole? I’ll do a Falmouth guide next!

10 thoughts on “A Guide to Eating and Drinking in Woods Hole

  1. Bonus points for Stormin’ Norman in Landfall pic! Also, the daily lunch specials at The Market are always on point, especially the pulled pork with coleslaw. Nomnomnom

  2. This is a GREAT post!.. Now when we have guests/family I’ll scroll thru this to help them to decide where to go.

  3. Food & Drink guides are my favorite kind of posts. I seriously collect them for further perusing so I can always have a recommendation on hand if I find myself somewhere. Thanks for posting! I haven’t found myself on the Cape in… probably 20 years, but I would love to return as a full-grown adult in the future. =)

    Can’t wait for the next guide!

  4. Thanks for this great guide! We spent our family vacation in Falmouth Heights for this first time this past week and when we went to Woods Hole we had very tasty tacos at Quicks Hole, thanks to you! Hope you’ll do a Falmouth guide, too!

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