A Genius Trick for Grilling Burgers

This past weekend, my brother and I tried something new for our family BBQ: instead of grilling burgers directly on the grill like usual, we cooked them in a sturdy cast iron skillet over the fire. What resulted was one of the best, juiciest burgers I’ve ever made. And it makes sense – according to this New York Times article, cooking burgers in a pan lets them sit in their own rendered fat and juices, which would otherwise drip off the patty and onto the coals, if you were to grill them.

burgers 1

Here’s how we did it: my brother prepared the grill, and we waited¬†until the coals got nice and hot.

burgers 2

Then, we preheated the cast iron on the grill for a couple minutes, and when it started to smoke, we added the burgers (it should really sizzle!).

burgers 3

To keep that smokey grill flavor, we flipped the burgers and then put the lid on for a minute or two.

That’s it! It’s so easy, and saves your kitchen from the oily mess. The only downside is that you won’t have that satisfying grill marks on your burger — but the flavor and juiciness will make up for it : )

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