A Delicious Tomato Sauce Hack

This past weekend, my brother, Kevin and I had dinner together. We decided on spaghetti and meatballs with kale salad, and as my brother got started on the pasta sauce, he kept saying, “I want this to be a really good sauce, with tons of flavor.” So he threw in practically everything in the fridge, plus a secret ingredient: parmesan rind. I know this is a well established “life hack,” but I just feel compelled to tell you because I almost forgot myself, and I’ve never added it to tomato sauce (just soups and stocks). It added a wonderful cheesy, umami boost and I have to say, it might have been the best tomato sauce ever. So, save those rinds, people!

6 thoughts on “A Delicious Tomato Sauce Hack

  1. Have you ever tried Marcella’s Hazan tomato sauce with the half onion that you keep whole and remove after cooking, and a bunch of butter? Sooooooo good!

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