5 Twists on Pasta with Tomatoes and Basil

Pasta with garlic, olive oil, tomatoes and basil is something that just makes sense. It’s a golden ratio in the food world, and it saves my ass every other night of the summer. I think all Italians would agree: you’d be wasting your time if you tried to mess with it.


Sometimes, making a tiny change or tweak without sacrificing the CORE of the recipe can lead to the most wonderfully unexpected meal. Case in point: these five twists on the classic pasta with tomatoes and basil. The true essence of the dish remains the same (I promise!), it just gets a cool upgrade.


Mix in a rich cheese like brie. The pasta becomes creamy and, well, brie cheese-y in the best possible way. One note: if the rind from brie generally turns you off, remove some (or all) of it before stirring it into the pasta.

Add some seafood, like shrimp, mussels, or a nice piece of fish (or crab!)

Roast the tomatoes instead of cook them. The tomatoes become richer, more intensified and sweeter as they roast in the oven.

Try a different method. I swear by both Michael Rulhman’s pasta with tomato water and Scarpetta’s method which involves infusing the oil with basil and garlic. Both are surprisingly straightforward and worth the deviation.

Summer, so good to have you.

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