4 Recipes I’m Loving

Anyone cook anything amazing recently? I haven’t gotten around to really photographing or writing up any recipes this summer, but I’ve still cooked and baked some things that I have really loved, so I figured I’d share, with my notes:

James Beard’s Strawberry Shortcake from Food52

This shortcake recipe includes two hardboiled egg yolks (say what?), which I’d never tried before or heard of, but it did something magical to the texture and tenderness of the shortcakes, so this recipe is bookmarked forever.

Smitten Kitchen’s Sticky Sesame Chicken Wings

I was attracted to this recipe because despite using an oven in hot weather, it just looked and seemed so easy. It would be great for a dinner party, too — with lots of napkins and beers (see picture above).

Michael Ruhlman’s Pasta with Tomato Water from Food52

I was suspicious of this one just because I believe simmered tomatoes, garlic, and basil is a harmony that shouldn’t be messed with, but this was a huge, pleasant surprise. You basically drain the liquid from your tomatoes into a skillet with lots of garlic and butter, creating a lovely “tomato water” sauce to coat your pasta with. The drained tomatoes, salted and softened and saturated with their tomato flavor, go uncooked on top of the spaghetti. (note: this recipe, like the strawberry shortcake recipe, both come from Genius Recipes on Food52, a column a whole heartedly love and trust. I’ve never cooked anything from it that I haven’t been impressed with!)

Mark Bittman’s Thai Style Corn Fritters

So, so easy- and since corn is cheap these days, it makes for an affordable weeknight meal.  It’s also really adaptable and forgiving — (like most Mark Bittman recipes), so you can experiment with adding things, replacing things, etc. They heat up well, too.

What are you cooking these days? I’m always on the hunt for keeper recipes!

One thought on “4 Recipes I’m Loving

  1. I’m still such a novice in the kitchen, but I’ve been really making attempts to learn. Mostly, I love putting together appetizers — one I’m loving is Stuffed Bacon-Wrapped Dates, courtesy Sandra Lee.

    They are so delicious, salty & sweet. Gooey cheese and almond crunch. Love love love.

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