15 Quick(ish) Weeknight Dinners

I look forward to cooking dinner every night; I’ll put on a podcast or listen to music and the day will start to melt away as I chop. The kitchen is a stress-free zone for me, so I like to cook meals that aren’t too complicated or fussy, but still taste like Legitimate Grown Up Meals. Here are 15 that are always on rotation…


Soy sauce chicken.

Baked turkey meatballs. I’ll make a batch of these (dialing down the fresh herbs a bit), and then freeze them for quick dinners with orzo, couscous, or pasta.

Creamy mushroom pasta. So easy and satisfying for hangry, impatient nights.

A rice bowl + a fried egg (with whatever’s in my fridge).

A classic caesar salad.

Easy calzones! God bless the calzone.

Chicken and cashew stir fry. I use chicken thighs and regular basil. This stuff always hits the spot.

Warm kale salad with bacon and dates.

Tuscan tomato white bean soup.

Thai curry noodles with shrimp. (I’ve also subbed in tofu).

Pan-fried roasted chicken thighs, with some roasted veggies.

And on nights I just want easy comfort: pasta carbonara, soft scrambled eggs, the perfect grilled cheese, and fluffy pancakes.

What are you cooking these days?

2 thoughts on “15 Quick(ish) Weeknight Dinners

  1. I am so excited to try these, the winter weather is bringing down my kitchen creativity, thanks for the inspiration!

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