10 Work Lunch Ideas

Ah, the work lunch. It’s hard to get right, isn’t it? The planning, the tupperware, the remembering-to-bring-it part. I’m envious of the people that can pack the same lunch for work every day because I need to switch up! Here are 10 tasty options, starting with…

Sandwiches That Won’t Bore You to Death: Mozzarella, Pruscuitto, Tomato and Basil on Ciabatta. Salami and Salted Butter on Baguette. Almond butter and Nutella on Whole Grain.

Fritatta or Quiche, made ahead, cut into cute squares and wrapped in parchment. Recipes: Mushroom & Spinach, Sheet Tray Quiche.

Kale Salad, aka the salad that never wilts. Bulk it up with nuts, avocado, lentils and beans. Recipes: Kale and Brussels Sprouts, Greek Kale Salad with Creamy Tahini Dressing,

Leftover Pasta. The night before, make a full batch of pasta, then (after eating it for dinner of course) portion the rest into containers for easy grab-and-go. Recipes: Pork and Beans with Pasta, Lemony Pasta with Chickpeas, Udon with Chicken and Peanut Sauce.

Overnight Oats. Before heading out, top with sliced bananas, a dollop of almond butter, and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Veggie Burger Wrap. Another Trader Joe’s lunch hack comin’ at ya: pile veggies (arugula, sprouts, shredded carrot, or whatever you like), a little spicy mayo, and a Trader Joe’s veggie burger (cut in half) on a whole wheat wrap. Fold in the corners and roll it up snugly like a burrito. Voila!

Grain Salad. In a perfect world, I make a giant batch of grain salad every Sunday. They keep well, they fill you up, and they’re healthy. Recipes: Farro Salad with Squash and Pepitas, One Minute Lentil Salad.

Onigiri. Your coworkers will definitely be impressed if you bring Japanese rice balls for lunch. Here’s a (very) thorough step-by-step.

And on really busy weeks: 

Avocado mashed on Wasa Crackers, topped with hardboiled egg and sea salt.

Trader Joe’s Soup (the lentil soup with ancient grains is delish!).

What have you guys been making for lunch?

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  1. I like to make a big batch of black beans and another of some grain (quinoa, rice, etc) on Sunday and it lasts me through the week – sometimes longer! I’ll pile beans and rice into a tortilla with some hot sauce for a quick burrito, scramble with some eggs and greens, or just pile in a bowl with some cut up raw veggies and a hummus or other sauce. I’m so bad at planning lunches, but having a stock of beans and a grain always makes it easy to throw something together at the last minute and know I’ll still get some protein and feel full afterward!

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