Hillary Clinton on How to Handle Criticism

Whenever I’m on a job interview and asked “what is your greatest weakness?” I say, “sometimes I struggle with criticism.” And it’s entirely true — I have an insanely hard time handling serious critique of any kind. I’m generally a tough cookie,  too, but the second someone tells me that I’m doing something wrong, I can… Read More

Sam Densmore’s Knives

If you live in the area, then you might know about Densmore Knives, the beautifully crafted one-of-a-kind knives made to order. They’re sleek, unique, and practical, and they’re hard to miss. The maker behind the knives, Sam, is an old family friend of mine — we go way back. (I remember swinging from his arms!) The other… Read More

How to Make Your Own Butter

Sometimes it’s good to make things from scratch, just so you can say the words “I made that.” That’s how I feel about homemade butter. Every time I eat the butter I’ve made, I feel like I’m coming home from kindergarten with a homemade fish print tee shirt that I’ve just created and must show… Read More