Hey guys! How was your weekend? I’m heading off for a family vacation, and I can’t wait to eat shrimp and grits and take a million photos of armadillos. I’ll post pictures when I’m back :). I’m also REALLY excited to share a new project I’ve been working on. Hope you have a great week, and… Read More

What Are Your Small Pleasures?

I loved this article on Book of Life about small pleasures: “We are dominated by striving: for better relationships, work and personal lives. Restless, we think, is synonymous with success. Nothing should be good enough for long. But, in so concerning ourselves with unattainable levels of excellence, we overlook more modest pleasures, closer to home.” “A pleasure may… Read More

A Trick for Delicious Walnuts

Here’s something that I’ve learned from working at a restaurant: if you vigorously rub walnuts between your hands, you’ll remove the papery outer skin, which contains that slightly bitter flavor. What you’re left with are walnuts so addictive and delicious you’ll want to add them to everything (salads! Brownies! Granola! Oatmeal! Pasta!). Here’s how to do it… First,… Read More

A Way with Words

My whole life, I’ve been constantly switching up phrases and words. The other day, I said “hit the gate running,” and didn’t realize until Kevin paused and said, “…ouch.” Well, have you heard of “A Way with Words?” It’s a podcast dedicated completely to language — from slang to old forgotten sayings. I’m completely hooked… Read More


Hi friends!! How was your week? I’m officially really sick of cold weather, and I keep attempting to put my winter coat away, and then having to take it out again *eye roll emoji.* Do you have fun plans for the weekend? If you haven’t already, go see “Get Out.” I was worried I’d be… Read More

Who Needs to Vent?

I’m going to be honest: I have no idea what I’m doing. Like, NO IDEA. And I’m so supremely sick of it. I’m sick of being sick of it. I want to wake up and be a successful and savvy business woman with a closet full of beautiful shoes and one of those white marble counter kitchens… Read More


Hey guys! How was your week? Is it snowing where you are? Tonight, I’m going to see this movie with some friends, even though I’m SUCH a wuss when it comes to scary movies (I can’t pass up something rated 99% on Rotten Tomatoes)! Wish me luck!! I’ll probably be keeping all the lights on… Read More

Current Favorite Podcast

Last night, over tacos, my friend Emily told me about the podcast “Strangers.” Have you heard of it? I’ve been binge listening to the episodes she recommended: Lex, The Truth, Eleven Up, Outside In. Be forewarned: some of the episodes are so heavy, so much so that I had to pause one half way through and take a cry-breather. But they’re… Read More