Guys: Do you Like Mascara?

There are many articles out there about whether or not guys like makeup. I remember one article in Glamour — they stopped men in NYC, showed them 3 photos of the same woman made up at different stages (bare, natural, and hit-the-town-ready), and almost all the guys preferred the in between: the “natural” look, the “no make-up”… Read More

How to Deal with Fear

Today’s contributing writer, Rémy, is a close friend of mine — possibly the most girl-crushable person I know. Originally from New Orleans and recently a graduate from Brown, she says “y’all” and knows more about the good restaurants in any given city than Time Out. Rémy’s thoughts on fear, below… Standing in my usual morning… Read More

Insomniac Snacker: Grits with Butter, Miso, and a Fried Egg

Every other week, The Insomniac Snacker (my first contributor, woo!) shares her favorite midnight snacks — recipes that require minimal effort, time, or cleanup, without sacrificing taste.  Pull up a chair, IS, good to have you!  One of my favorite breakfasts is a fried egg atop a bowl of cheesy grits. One night, a few hours… Read More