How to Make Bagels

Now that I’m two hundred and forty seven miles away from my favorite New York bagels, I’ve had some pretty serious bagel withdrawal. I wake up Sunday mornings craving a warm sesame bagel with scallion cream cheese, and Cape Cod Bagels just doesn’t cut it (I’m sorry!) After some angsty Sunday morning research, I decided… Read More

24 (+Birthday Shoes)

Tomorrow, I’ll be celebrating my 24th birthday. I can’t wait to just hang out with my friends, my boyfriend, and of course, Juniper. Growing up, I always wanted to be older. My mom has called me a “40 year old stuck in a 20 year old’s body” and it’s absolutely true — in high school, I went… Read More

Why I Watch The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette is fascinating. I’ve been watching it since high school and I’d like to say that I watch it ironically, but that would be a lie. I realize it’s all a sick, delusional joke, this idea that competing for someone’s “love” will result in a happy, fulfilled marriage, but what’s not a joke, I think,… Read More

On Learning to Drive in my Twenties

When I was 16 years old, I was blasting Sigur Ros in my headphones and riding the 2 train downtown, instead of getting my driver’s license. My high school offered driving lessons, but only a handful of people signed up — it was expensive and unnecessary — plus, the instructor was potentially a weirdo. The subway took… Read More