The Beach Plum Restaurant

Last night, my boyfriend, Robin and I took the 5 o’clock ferry over to Martha’s Vineyard, where we celebrated a belated birthday dinner at the gorgeous Beach Plum Restaurant. I’d heard about the restaurant before (it was Obama approved!) but never got around to visiting, so I was thrilled to finally go. Plus, my good friend, Elana… Read More

How to Shop and Arrange Deli Flowers Like a Professional

One thing I’ve come to realize about myself is that I’m terrible at arranging bouquets. I never know where to start, and I never know when to end. But I love the idea of arranging your own bouquet, versus buying the pre-arranged ones, which always seem so perfect and matchy, especially at delis or grocery stores.… Read More

Cookies n’ Cream Ice Cream

For my birthday, my older brother, Micah, gave me an ice cream maker. I’ve wanted one ever since I saw this article and started thinking about the various flavors I could make (Vietnamese iced coffee ice cream? Goat’s milk mint ice cream? Blueberries and Cream…) Cookies n’ Cream seemed like a good place to start, though.… Read More