6 Ways To Be There For A Friend Going Through a Breakup

I’ve gone through several breakups now. The first one was in 8th grade, when my middle school boyfriend sat me down on a stoop around the corner from school and said, this is just not working. It was devastating in every way possible. I limped home and collapsed on my mom’s bedroom floor and as I… Read More

The Perfect Pan-Fried-Roasted Chicken (+ a Trick!)

This weekend, I made chicken thighs, with one end goal in mind: salty, crispy, and crunchy skin — REALLY crunchy skin, the kind you’re presented with when you eat fried chicken, not roasted chicken. So I did a little research (the best kind of research) and patched together a few methods and ideas and ended… Read More

Looking for a New Hobby

Yesterday afternoon, I was puttering around at home cleaning and reading a few pages from my book when I realized that something was completely missing from my life: a hobby. I’ve had a few before — I’ve always enjoyed drawing, knitting, and of course cooking, but I want to start something new, something a little more… Read More