All the Single Ladies

Last night, I listened to this quick NPR interview with writer Rebecca Traister, who talks about how the lives of single women have evolved (you don’t have to be single to relate!). “We have now shifted our vision of what an adult woman’s life path usually entails,” Traister says, “and it now entails some period of… Read More

Cozy and Cranky

Today, I’m curled up on the couch not feeling too good. It’s raining out, so it’s cozy, but I also feel whiny and restless and headachy. It’s the kind of day where I really just want to collapse on my mom’s bed and have her listen to me complain. So I’m planning on watching a movie… Read More

Are You Influenced By Your Town’s Fashion Style?

Recently, I’ve been dying to put on a pair of heels. Not wedges, not high heeled booties, but a pair of true stilettos. (When I was two years old, my mom turned to my dad and said, “that’s it, I can’t take her to shoe stores anymore. She throws a tantrum because she wants all the shoes.”)… Read More

6 Ways To Be There For A Friend Going Through a Breakup

I’ve gone through several breakups now. The first one was in 8th grade, when my middle school boyfriend sat me down on a stoop around the corner from school and said, this is just not working. It was devastating in every way possible. I limped home and collapsed on my mom’s bedroom floor and as I… Read More

The Perfect Pan-Fried-Roasted Chicken (+ a Trick!)

This weekend, I made chicken thighs, with one end goal in mind: salty, crispy, and crunchy skin — REALLY crunchy skin, the kind you’re presented with when you eat fried chicken, not roasted chicken. So I did a little research (the best kind of research) and patched together a few methods and ideas and ended… Read More