How To Be A Boss With Your Jar of Tomato Sauce

I always have an internal dialogue going when it comes to jarred tomato sauce. I stand in the pasta aisle biting my nails and feeling dreadfully torn. After all, homemade marinara sauce is only really three extra steps and it’s always so much cheaper (and often better), than the stuff sitting in the pasta aisle. But let’s be… Read More

On Mourning.

A few of you might have noticed that I was MIA last week, and I didn’t want to pick up where I had left off without acknowledging my absence. I went back and forth about what to say and how to say it, and if I’m honest — this is one of the harder posts I’ve… Read More

Winter Dinner Party Idea Part 2: Apple Cider Donuts

I guess this isn’t really “dinner” per se, but just a fun thing to do with a group of friends. Let’s be real. It’s the BEST thing to do with a group of friends. I consider donuts, along with three layer cakes and fried chicken wings, for example, to be the kind of treat you make… Read More

It’s Winter.

Here’s the thing about winters on Cape Cod: everyone disappears. I’ve found the sudden shortening of daylight to be jarring and sad. It’s dark at 4:30, and then everyone retreats into their homes. Stores close (the coffee shop in town closes at freaking 3 o’clock!). Dinner is served promptly at 5 because what else are you… Read More

How to Make a Latte at Home (Without an Espresso Machine)

In general, I have mixed feelings about Pinterest. It’s such a time suck, for starters — and it feels so current, so saturated with bohemian kitchens and waify models in oversized coats, that I often get grumpy and headachy. I’ll alternate between shaking my fists at the ‘one pot pasta’ photo that looks good but is probably bogus, and feeling deeply… Read More

5 Genius Tricks For The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

My beloved friend Rémy is visiting for a few days, so naturally, we’ve been cooking and baking up a storm. Because we’re both freelance writers who spend most of our time working from home (alone), having company has felt like Christmas, and since we haven’t seen each other in eight months, it has also felt like we’re honeymooning.… Read More