Best Monday Ever.

A little over two months ago, I discovered a lump on Juniper’s leg. Perfectly round, red, and swollen, I called up the vet and described it as resembling a strawberry. To make a long story short; for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been on pins and needles thinking that my dog might have CANCER. The worst… Read More

Winter Dinner Party Idea: Soup Swap

There are three things to do on the Cape during the colder months: make fires, drink with friends, and eat. So this winter, I want to start a soup swap with friends. I’ve heard of cookie swaps and pie swaps, but how cool would it be to try a bunch of different soups, and exchange recipes? I’ve found… Read More

A Week With Mark Bittman’s New Cookbook + A Recipe

Mark Bittman’s recipes have always appealed to me. They’re practical, accessible, and super non-fussy. He doesn’t alienate you with his food talk, he pulls you in, asks you to join. He also reminds me so much of a fellow Upper West Sider that I hold a soft spot for him (if he has a car, I would… Read More