A Trick for Avoiding Small Talk

There’s a certain kind of small talk that I find insufferable. It’s the stuck-in-a-conversational-rut small talk, driven by one twitchy person deathly afraid of silence, and it goes round and round and round (this is not to be confused with the pleasant small talk that happens with a chatty taxi driver, or a charming employee, which can… Read More

Cacio e Pepe, Done Right.

The first time I made Cacio e Pepe, I ate it with such dumbfounded suspicion that the person across from me actually asked if everything was alright. “I’m fine,” I gasped. Cacio e Pepe is a pantry meal at its finest, a pasta dish so fundamentally simple, yet so elegant and unfussy and delicious, that it seems like a a… Read More

Book Recommendations?

I’m going on vacation next week, and all I plan to do is read on the beach. (I’m sorry, that is such an obnoxious sentence). I have a terrible habit of only finishing books about 20% of the time (also reading the last page, busted…) so I’m looking for something that I can’t put down. Books I’ve… Read More

Homemade Frozen Yogurt With The Best Topping

Even though it’s frigid out these days, I’ve been in the mood for cool, refreshing desserts after dinner. Lemon sorbet is about as summery as it gets, but I devoured a container last week and didn’t think twice. And then, while perusing Serious Eats this weekend, I stumbled on this article about homemade frozen yogurt and became… Read More

Winter Dinner Party Idea Part 3: Make Dumplings & Scallion Pancakes

On Friday, instead of bumming around at home, I gathered my friends together for a dumpling and scallion pancake party. They’re the two appetizers that I always HAVE to order at Chinese restaurants, but here on the Cape they often appear gummy and unrecognizable (surprise, surprise). I’ve been deprived…so something needed to change. I told everyone to bring beer,… Read More

The Thing About Growing Up

People talk endlessly about what it means to grow up. What changes, what it feels like, what starts and what ends. Especially when you’re in your twenties, everyone talks at you like you’re some rare and mildly venomous unicorn learning how to fly. “But you’re in your twenties,” they say, as an answer to pretty much everything.… Read More