Oh, The Truth

“The price an artist pays for doing what he wants is that he has to do it.” — William S. Burroughs So true, so painfully true in its unadorned simplicity, it actually made me chuckle. No one has ever held a gun to my head and forced me to write. I hold the gun every… Read More

Trust Your Guts Ring

I was browsing Pinterest the other week when I stumbled on this ring. What I love most is that it says “guts” instead of “gut,” which does something subtle and great to the (often hackneyed) saying. It grounds it in reality, and I picture literal guts spilling out over the edges, filled with fries and day old bread.… Read More

A Trick for Avoiding Small Talk

There’s a certain kind of small talk that I find insufferable. It’s the stuck-in-a-conversational-rut small talk, driven by one twitchy person deathly afraid of silence, and it goes round and round and round (this is not to be confused with the pleasant small talk that happens with a chatty taxi driver, or a charming employee, which can… Read More

Cacio e Pepe, Done Right.

The first time I made Cacio e Pepe, I ate it with such dumbfounded suspicion that the person across from me actually asked if everything was alright. “I’m fine,” I gasped. Cacio e Pepe is a pantry meal at its finest, a pasta dish so fundamentally simple, yet so elegant and unfussy and delicious, that it seems like a a… Read More