Help! What’s Your Favorite Lotion?

It’s so dry in my house these days that I feel like my skin is baking. I’ve been good about exfoliating this winter, but there’s one thing that’s been lacking in my routine: a really good body lotion. I’ve tried that natural brand from CVS that’s called something carrots (eat your carrots?), and shea butter, but I wasn’t… Read More

Sometimes, All You Need To Do Is…

…Eat a burger. After getting sick Thursday night and surviving off of orange juice, toast, and bananas all weekend, I’m thrilled to treat myself to a big, fat cheeseburger tonight. Doesn’t just looking at this photo make you feel better? In the summertime (lol, summer), there’s a little ice cream/burger joint in town right across from the ferry, and… Read More


Thursday evening, I made chicken pot pie and brought it over to my friend’s house. We drank wine, had dinner, and just straight chilled. A few hours later, I went home and tried to sleep, but couldn’t get comfortable. I tossed and turned and then for the next eight hours was violently ill. Thankfully, it wasn’t… Read More

How Are You Feeling About Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and this year, I’ll be “celebrating” as a single lady. I was feeling bummed about it all week, but my girlfriends and I have decided to rally and make chocolate cake and drink lots of wine, so suddenly Valentine’s Day is starting to look better. In general though, being single on Cape Cod isn’t easy.… Read More