I woke up today and IT’S SNOW RAINING. Speaking of which, there was a hilarious moment last night at the bar where my friends and I realized we were having an extended conversation about the weather. It’s what we talk about here on the east coast. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Some links… Read More

My New Favorite Show

Have you guys seen the new Netflix drama/thriller series “Bloodline?” It seems to have popped up out of nowhere, and I’m completely obsessed. The show takes place in sunny Florida Keys, and centers around the intricate inner lives and secrets of the Rayburn family. As this Nytimes reviewer puts it: “This Netflix series isn’t a sensitive portrait of… Read More


So…something crazy happened yesterday. First, a little back story… On January 27th, right in the middle of a blizzard, I went for a walk and lost my phone. By the time I got to my friends’ house and reached into my pocket to check the time, it was gone. I had a feeling I lost it somewhere on my… Read More

Our Guest

This week, Juniper and I have a guest visiting: 11 month old Bruno — the sweetest, goofiest ridgeback mix with the world’s floppiest ears. The two of them are having a BLAST together. They are such great company, and it’s a treat having an extra dog around, but I also kind of feel like I’m chaperoning… Read More

A Trick For Easing Your Mind

At my tiny liberal arts college in Wisconsin, there was a meditation group that met every Wednesday after lunch in a small, dimly lit room next to the mail center. The instructor was a soft spoken man with kind eyes and a soothing voice — exactly the kind of person you would want to lull you… Read More


It’s pouring today, I ate my weight in blueberry pancakes, and my big plans include going to the library and folding laundry. I love days like today. Some links for you… *** Dreamy ocean photos to make you feel at peace. The oldest footage of New York City. love this. Who wants a heart attack? A candle to help… Read More