A Trick For Easing Your Mind

At my tiny liberal arts college in Wisconsin, there was a meditation group that met every Wednesday after lunch in a small, dimly lit room next to the mail center. The instructor was a soft spoken man with kind eyes and a soothing voice — exactly the kind of person you would want to lull you… Read More


It’s pouring today, I ate my weight in blueberry pancakes, and my big plans include going to the library and folding laundry. I love days like today. Some links for you… *** Dreamy ocean photos to make you feel at peace. The oldest footage of New York City. love this. Who wants a heart attack? A candle to help… Read More

The Prettiest Red Nail Polish

For nearly two years I’ve been wearing OPI’s “Red my fortune cookie,” which is a bright, flirty, slightly orange-y red that looks classic and cheerful (it reminds me a lot of Nars heat wave!). It’s perfect for spring, and this wonderfully sunny, thawing weather. Woohoo! Go spring. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

The Best Thing.

Just a quick PSA: I picked up this stuff at the grocery store yesterday and it is a GAME CHANGER. Coconut-y (but not overpowering), slightly sweet, a little salty. So good. I highly recommend. Question: do you guys ever bother making nut butters? I once tried making Nutella and it was just a grainy, chalky (expensive!) mess. Photo… Read More

3 Chairs Turns One!

A year ago today, I wrote my first post for 3 Chairs. I had a crystal clear vision for 3C: I wanted to create a space that was comfortable, relatable, and real. Browsing lifestyle blogs online, I always felt like there was something missing: honesty. Telling it how it really is. My goal was to write something every day… Read More

In the Dead of Night

Last night, instead of sleeping, I coughed. After just being sick with the stomach bug two weeks ago, I am especially not thrilled to have the world’s worst cold, and I’ve been grumpy and bedridden since Sunday (I am so sick of hanging out with myself). Despite my exhaustion, I had a revelation during my all-nighter:… Read More