Plank Challenge

While I was in Vieques with my family, my brother’s girlfriend, Jackie, would wake up and do stretches on their patio (which was next to mine). So I started to join her, and every day we would lay out beach towels and do a little plank exercise — one minute in the position, a 30 second break, repeat.… Read More

Conversations with 5 Year Olds

When I’m not writing or answering emails, I am nannying. I watch a happy 14-month-old boy who calls me “DOY!”, and a handful of kindergarteners. They are delightful and hilarious and opinionated. To them, I’m clearly not a high school student, but I’m not a mom, either. To this day, they are still confused by my ambiguous status.… Read More

A Weeknight Dinner Trick

One super easy way to transform your weekly meals? Make a batch of quick pickled onions. It takes 5 minutes to throw together, and turns even the simplest dinners into something slightly more chef-y and gourmet (and pretty!). You could add it to everything — sandwiches, tacos, salads, rice and beans, toast…the list goes on. It also seems to ALWAYS impress at… Read More

The Best Everyday Underwear

In high school and college, I bought Victorias Secret underwear. Once I graduated, I decided I needed fancier (read: pricier) lingerie, so I would buy Eberjey and Hanky Panky. They’re both amazing brands, but it’s hard to justify spending 36 dollars on a pair of panties. Especially ones that require hand washing. For real, who has… Read More

Knowing Your Worth

Some wise words from Kate Erands of Wit & Delight: “An interesting thing happened when I turned 30. I kept waiting for that euphoric moment when I’d stop caring what other people thought. “That’s what freedom will feel like,” I said to myself. Well– here I am, 15 months into the decade and I’ve felt less… Read More

We Can Do It.

It’s Tuesday. It isn’t really spring yet. We’re stuck in the in-between, and we’ve run out of things to talk about. Everyone is simultaneously drained and antsy. If I think too much about it, I just want to crawl back into bed. BUT we are headed in the right direction; we see land. We can… Read More

Inside My Makeup Bag

Let’s take a look, shall we? Over the years I’ve chosen things to splurge on (lipstick, mascara, foundation), and the rest I buy at the drugstore (eyeliner, lipgloss, pressed powder). Both Sephora and the makeup aisle of CVS can be overwhelming, and in the past, I would grab a few things arbitrarily, hoping they would work. Now I take… Read More