Happy weekend, everyone! This morning I made these cream biscuits, then sat in the sun and read Sense of an Ending, which I have been really enjoying (I’m almost done though, so any book recs would be appreciated!) Next up: play time outside. Hope you’re all getting some much earned sunshine. Some links to browse through…… Read More


Hi everyone! I’m in NYC for the next week — catching up with friends, having a few meetings, and of course, eating as much good food as I possibly can. I’ve already seen so many great heels and hot dudes with man buns. It’s definitely nice to get a breather from the Cape. New York, I’ve missed… Read More

Plank Challenge

While I was in Vieques with my family, my brother’s girlfriend, Jackie, would wake up and do stretches on their patio (which was next to mine). So I started to join her, and every day we would lay out beach towels and do a little plank exercise — one minute in the position, a 30 second break, repeat.… Read More

Conversations with 5 Year Olds

When I’m not writing or answering emails, I am nannying. I watch a happy 14-month-old boy who calls me “DOY!”, and a handful of kindergarteners. They are delightful and hilarious and opinionated. To them, I’m clearly not a high school student, but I’m not a mom, either. To this day, they are still confused by my ambiguous status.… Read More

A Weeknight Dinner Trick

One super easy way to transform your weekly meals? Make a batch of quick pickled onions. It takes 5 minutes to throw together, and turns even the simplest dinners into something slightly more chef-y and gourmet (and pretty!). You could add it to everything — sandwiches, tacos, salads, rice and beans, toast…the list goes on. It also seems to ALWAYS impress at… Read More