Unexpected Tulips

Tulips are lovely of course, but when they’re unexpected… then they become the sweetest, prettiest little bursts of spring. There are two in my yard — one white and one red, and although I have no idea where they came from, they make me immeasurably happy. That is all.

How Sensitive Are You?

At my fifth birthday party, I was instructed to hold an envelope full of lollipops while a magician performed his magic trick. “If all goes well,” he said to the eager crowd, “Everyone will get one.” As I quietly stood there watching him swirl his hands, I fidgeted with the envelope flap. Abruptly, he stopped his trick and turned to… Read More


This past weekend, I took a cheap vacation by handing Juniper over to a friend and putting my laptop away. It was so relaxing and refreshing and kind of shocking how far away I felt from my typical weekend routine. Here are some links for your sleepy Monday morning coffee break…(p.s. So sorry to anyone who has been trying… Read More