3 Chairs Turns One!

A year ago today, I wrote my first post for 3 Chairs. I had a crystal clear vision for 3C: I wanted to create a space that was comfortable, relatable, and real. Browsing lifestyle blogs online, I always felt like there was something missing: honesty. Telling it how it really is. My goal was to write something every day… Read More

In the Dead of Night

Last night, instead of sleeping, I coughed. After just being sick with the stomach bug two weeks ago, I am especially not thrilled to have the world’s worst cold, and I’ve been grumpy and bedridden since Sunday (I am so sick of hanging out with myself). Despite my exhaustion, I had a revelation during my all-nighter:… Read More


Hope everyone’s off to a great weekend. I’m baking bread, and Juniper is napping in the sun. Some links from around the web… *** Hard to imagine a time when people smoked on flights. Would love to wear this top on a ladies’ night. This instagram makes me miss NYC. There’s something eerie and unsettling about… Read More

Help! What’s Your Favorite Lotion?

It’s so dry in my house these days that I feel like my skin is baking. I’ve been good about exfoliating this winter, but there’s one thing that’s been lacking in my routine: a really good body lotion. I’ve tried that natural brand from CVS that’s called something carrots (eat your carrots?), and shea butter, but I wasn’t… Read More

Sometimes, All You Need To Do Is…

…Eat a burger. After getting sick Thursday night and surviving off of orange juice, toast, and bananas all weekend, I’m thrilled to treat myself to a big, fat cheeseburger tonight. Doesn’t just looking at this photo make you feel better? In the summertime (lol, summer), there’s a little ice cream/burger joint in town right across from the ferry, and… Read More