How Sensitive Are You?

At my fifth birthday party, I was instructed to hold an envelope full of lollipops while a magician performed his magic trick. “If all goes well,” he said to the eager crowd, “Everyone will get one.” As I quietly stood there watching him swirl his hands, I fidgeted with the envelope flap. Abruptly, he stopped his trick and turned to… Read More


This past weekend, I took a cheap vacation by handing Juniper over to a friend and putting my laptop away. It was so relaxing and refreshing and kind of shocking how far away I felt from my typical weekend routine. Here are some links for your sleepy Monday morning coffee break…(p.s. So sorry to anyone who has been trying… Read More

Spring Mornings

Now that it’s warm enough, my mornings with Juniper go as follows: Wake up, make coffee, feed the dog, then prop the door open to the veranda and start work at my desk. The true lion that she is, Juniper has always loved sunbathing and will go sprawl out on the deck while I start my day–… Read More