Quiet Mornings

This morning we went for walk… And the ocean was so still and quiet and clear that I ended up being transfixed on the beach, taking photos and watching one lone cormorant dive for breakfast. Doesn’t the ocean look like glass? Meanwhile, back in my yard, the lilacs are finally blooming, and they smell like heaven. I just… Read More

On Body Image

Over the years my weight has fluctuated — five pounds up, seven pounds down…it all depends on the season, how busy I am, my stress level, etc. Sometimes I feel good and happy about my body, and sometimes I don’t. When I feel good about it, I actually don’t think about it much. I go about my… Read More


I hope everyone is having a sweet weekend filled with buttermilk pancakes and silly jokes and feet on the coffee table. Some links for you… A song for your Saturday. How to look smart in a book club. The best hostess gift, hands down. Would you stay in one of these lonely houses? Incredible images.… Read More

Unexpected Tulips

Tulips are lovely of course, but when they’re unexpected… then they become the sweetest, prettiest little bursts of spring. There are two in my yard — one white and one red, and although I have no idea where they came from, they make me immeasurably happy. That is all.

How Sensitive Are You?

At my fifth birthday party, I was instructed to hold an envelope full of lollipops while a magician performed his magic trick. “If all goes well,” he said to the eager crowd, “Everyone will get one.” As I quietly stood there watching him swirl his hands, I fidgeted with the envelope flap. Abruptly, he stopped his trick and turned to… Read More