How are your weekends going? I’m going to my friend’s backyard wedding tonight and I’m so excited to dance (this might be me tomorrow). Hugs to all of you! Wow! Impressive. Linguine with green olive sauce — yum. Cat goes on unexpected flight. A clever trick for washing your bra. What’s your favorite word? Now THAT’S a… Read More

Checking In

Sorry for the late post, guys! Last night was nuts — a huge and unexpected storm passed through the Cape and my entire town lost power. I counted seven trees down in my neighborhood, and apparently there were much more. It always blows my mind when a tree, rooted in the earth and decades old, comes crashing to… Read More


This weekend I’m playing catch-up, tackling the things that have been on my to do list for months…and months. It feels good to finally just DO IT (I’m especially looking forward to rewarding myself with a big glass of this tonight). Some browse-y links for you… 10 dollars well spent. How to make a coffee table in five… Read More

Pretty Summer Perfume

I just popped into a little boutique in my town and randomly stumbled on a gem: perfume oil by Finn & Co. It’s light, beachy and smooth (it reminds me of this), without being too heady or sweet. Also, it doesn’t have that lingering alcoholic smell that perfume sprays often have. I am obsessed, and am going back tomorrow… Read More