A Soothing Poem

I feel a bit like a broken record bringing this up again, but many things and people in my life have all of a sudden began to change — mostly good, exciting things, I’ll add, but overwhelming all the same. I try to take it day by day, but it’s hard work. This poem feels like a warm,… Read More

Help! What’s Your Favorite (Bottled) Salad Dressing?

One of my favorite posts to write is asking for your recommendations — they are always so on point and I love when you come out of the woodwork (it can get lonely around here!). Today’s topic is random, I’ll admit, but it’s on my mind pretty much every time I walk into the grocery store: salad dressings. Let me explain…… Read More


How was everyone’s week? Mine was kind of a bruiser, so I’ve decided to take it easy this weekend with movies and grilled cheese sandwiches and housework (bleh). The internet has been chock full of goodies recently — here are some fun links I’ve liked. See you Monday! Siri responds to the question: what is zero divided by… Read More

Something to Remind Yourself When You Fall Down a Shopping Rabbit Hole

Confession: this is mostly a reminder for myself, but I think a few of you might relate… My budget does’t really include clothes, shoes and bags, so every time I sneak a look at Madewell, I’m basically thinking, “shootshootshoot don’t do it.” A girl’s gotta treat herself every once in awhile, but my problem (raise your… Read More


Hi guys! How is everyone doing? My parents are visiting this weekend, so tonight we’re going out for lobsters, as one does on Cape Cod. I can’t wait. Some links from around the web… An app for dog walking — genius. The sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long time. The perfect summer sweater, found. Made me… Read More

Never Going Swimming Again.

Guess what, guys? This morning, my friend Scott went out on the Gemma, which is a big fishing boat they use to pull in scup and other cute manageable fish needed for research. They do this regularly, so it was just another day out on the boat. And then this happened… Pardon my french, but… Read More

Words to Live By

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed something — success is starting to play a much larger role in my life. Whereas in the past it was merely an abstract goal (“when I’m a real adult, I’ll be successful“), it now feels much more tangible and urgent. I look to the people whom I admire and… Read More