Never Going Swimming Again.

Guess what, guys? This morning, my friend Scott went out on the Gemma, which is a big fishing boat they use to pull in scup and other cute manageable fish needed for research. They do this regularly, so it was just another day out on the boat. And then this happened… Pardon my french, but… Read More

Words to Live By

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed something — success is starting to play a much larger role in my life. Whereas in the past it was merely an abstract goal (“when I’m a real adult, I’ll be successful“), it now feels much more tangible and urgent. I look to the people whom I admire and… Read More


Happy 4th, my friends! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Be back Monday with a post I’m really looking forward to sharing. In the meantime, some links… The craziest thing you can do with a potato chip. Words of comfort. Cloudy days help us think more clearly. A summer trend I’m seeing everywhere.… Read More


How are your weekends going? I’m going to my friend’s backyard wedding tonight and I’m so excited to dance (this might be me tomorrow). Hugs to all of you! Wow! Impressive. Linguine with green olive sauce — yum. Cat goes on unexpected flight. A clever trick for washing your bra. What’s your favorite word? Now THAT’S a… Read More