So True.

Just some wise words for your Wednesday: There are a lot of goals that we cannot pursue directly: relaxation, happiness, attractiveness [and] creativity — when you pursue them directly, they flee from you… If you think about the two-system nature of the human mind, when you’re trying to relax, or you’re trying to be happy and not think about things,… Read More


How was everyone’s weekend? I just returned from a mini vacation in NYC and am looking forward to sharing some photos later. For now, here are some links from around the web… This Japanese hotel offers wedding alpacas. Why not. Mmmm. Blue cheese. Can’t wait to see this movie. Why time flies by. Are you a… Read More

5 Fun Things to do With Kids

Summer means full days at the beach, long family barbecues, and…CHILDREN! Is it just me, or do one hundred million kids come out of nowhere the second it’s warm out? I’m lucky that I love kids (and make half my living from watching them), but having an antsy child on your hands and nothing to do with… Read More

A Soothing Poem

I feel a bit like a broken record bringing this up again, but many things and people in my life have all of a sudden began to change — mostly good, exciting things, I’ll add, but overwhelming all the same. I try to take it day by day, but it’s hard work. This poem feels like a warm,… Read More

Help! What’s Your Favorite (Bottled) Salad Dressing?

One of my favorite posts to write is asking for your recommendations — they are always so on point and I love when you come out of the woodwork (it can get lonely around here!). Today’s topic is random, I’ll admit, but it’s on my mind pretty much every time I walk into the grocery store: salad dressings. Let me explain…… Read More


How was everyone’s week? Mine was kind of a bruiser, so I’ve decided to take it easy this weekend with movies and grilled cheese sandwiches and housework (bleh). The internet has been chock full of goodies recently — here are some fun links I’ve liked. See you Monday! Siri responds to the question: what is zero divided by… Read More

Something to Remind Yourself When You Fall Down a Shopping Rabbit Hole

Confession: this is mostly a reminder for myself, but I think a few of you might relate… My budget does’t really include clothes, shoes and bags, so every time I sneak a look at Madewell, I’m basically thinking, “shootshootshoot don’t do it.” A girl’s gotta treat herself every once in awhile, but my problem (raise your… Read More