Holy crap! It’s Saturday again! WHERE IS TIME GOING? My question is: why doesn’t March go by this quickly? Anyway, I hope you all have fun plans for this weekend. Here are some links for your down time… *** The best thing you can do to your potato salad. Yahoo! There’s going to be a… Read More

PMS: How Bad Do You Get it?

It’s common knowledge that PMS gets the best of us, right? Well, every month, without fail, my hormones go BERZERK. I have huge doubts about my career and my relationships, I’m tense and negative, and the tiniest little thing can spiral into a full blown meltdown. It’s actually kind of terrifying, and my poor friends and family joke that… Read More


Hello from the coast of Italy! Totally kidding, I’m sitting at my kitchen table. Kevin is camping in the Adirondacks, my brother and his fiancée (!) are visiting, and the weather is GORGE, so beach is in order. Later– grilled clams and beers. Some links from the interweb below, if you feel like browsing… Oh. My. God.… Read More

Moorea Seal Picks

One of my favorite online stores, Moorea Seal, has been killin’ it recently with their collection. Each item feels so thoughtfully picked out, and they’re current and affordable. Here are 9 things I’m loving:   scarf/tote/clutch/card/ring/necklace/hat/hair mist/earrings BONUS: Moorea Seal is offering 10% off 3 Chairs readers! Use code: FRIENDS2015.