This weekend was the Falmouth Road Race, which means that literally 12,000 people pack into tiny Woods Hole to fit behind the starting line. It’s kind of nuts, but the race goes right by my house and it’s fun to see all the runners (ever notice how no two people run the same?). Also, any… Read More

A Trick For Making Yourself Run

One of my closest friends is a runner. She runs everyday, and it’s not only something that she thoroughly enjoys, it’s a survival thing for her, too — like eating, or sleeping, or drinking coffee –without it, she feels completely off. “I can’t wait for my run later” she’s said, MULTIPLE TIMES, while I gawk in the background.… Read More

A Simple Smoothie to Remember Forever

This past weekend, I had the best smoothie at a coffee shop near Kevin’s house — strawberry, banana, peanut butter, and milk. Nothing revolutionary, but it’s filling, delicious, and TASTES LIKE A PB&J. I’ve made it three times since, and I don’t plan on stopping. One tip for tasty smoothies: I’ve noticed that most coffee shops use frozen fruit… Read More


Holy crap! It’s Saturday again! WHERE IS TIME GOING? My question is: why doesn’t March go by this quickly? Anyway, I hope you all have fun plans for this weekend. Here are some links for your down time… *** The best thing you can do to your potato salad. Yahoo! There’s going to be a… Read More

PMS: How Bad Do You Get it?

It’s common knowledge that PMS gets the best of us, right? Well, every month, without fail, my hormones go BERZERK. I have huge doubts about my career and my relationships, I’m tense and negative, and the tiniest little thing can spiral into a full blown meltdown. It’s actually kind of terrifying, and my poor friends and family joke that… Read More