A Trick For Making Yourself Run

One of my closest friends is a runner. She runs everyday, and it’s not only something that she thoroughly enjoys, it’s a survival thing for her, too — like eating, or sleeping, or drinking coffee –without it, she feels completely off. “I can’t wait for my run later” she’s said, MULTIPLE TIMES, while I gawk in the background.… Read More

A Simple Smoothie to Remember Forever

This past weekend, I had the best smoothie at a coffee shop near Kevin’s house — strawberry, banana, peanut butter, and milk. Nothing revolutionary, but it’s filling, delicious, and TASTES LIKE A PB&J. I’ve made it three times since, and I don’t plan on stopping. One tip for tasty smoothies: I’ve noticed that most coffee shops use frozen fruit… Read More


Holy crap! It’s Saturday again! WHERE IS TIME GOING? My question is: why doesn’t March go by this quickly? Anyway, I hope you all have fun plans for this weekend. Here are some links for your down time… *** The best thing you can do to your potato salad. Yahoo! There’s going to be a… Read More

PMS: How Bad Do You Get it?

It’s common knowledge that PMS gets the best of us, right? Well, every month, without fail, my hormones go BERZERK. I have huge doubts about my career and my relationships, I’m tense and negative, and the tiniest little thing can spiral into a full blown meltdown. It’s actually kind of terrifying, and my poor friends and family joke that… Read More