How was everyone’s week? The past few weekends have been pretty busy (Luau’s! New York City!), so I’m excited to just relax and shoot the shit with my main squeeze. Some links for you… A touching story of the beauty routines inside nursing homes. Who knew: the correct way to reheat pasta. Things organized neatly. Animals caught off… Read More

Uncharacteristic Wanderlust

Weird. This morning I woke up the itch to just pick up and go somewhere, which is totally not something that happens to me (I’m okay, Mom!). If there’s one thing that’s true, it’s that I’ve been a homebody since the day I was, well, born at home. This uncharacteristic wanderlust is so new, it’s fun daydreaming… Read More

Life Lately

Here’s a mindf*** if there ever was one: IT’S AUGUST 24TH. Why is it that each summer seems to go by faster than the last, but winter (oh you cute winter, you) is always shitty and never-ending? This month was a flash of muggy days, walks through the woods, seafood pasta, nekked babies, an unexpectedly great Old… Read More


Happy weekend, everyone! Did you all survive the heat? Kevin and I are off to a Luau-themed party in Boston (lol), and I’m excited to eat some tasty food and hit up Trader Joe’s (Cilantro jalapeño hummus, come to mama). Some links if you’re feeling browse-y… Josh Groban sings Donald Trump’s tweets, and it’s hilarious.… Read More

Easy Shrimp Rolls

All summer I’ve been craving lobster rolls, but it’s hard to justify splurging on one when they’re so pricy and completely gone in three minutes. And then I was reading this interview with Joanna Goddard about her dinner plans for the weekend and they included SHRIMP ROLLS. Just like lobster rolls, she explained, but for a margin of the… Read More

Laptop Down.

UGGGGGHHHHHRRGHG. I am having some serious tech issues right now, and I’m finding it impossible to edit and complete the post I had planned for today. I’m so sorry! I’m at the point of wanting to throw my laptop against the wall, so I’m going to take a breather and try again later tonight. Wish me… Read More